“How do I get the new kitchen I want, for the price I want, when I want it?”

“How do I avoid costly surprises and disappointments?”

Hello & welcome to my blog, a unique educational opportunity for those researching,  “how do I get the new kitchen I want?

Since 1974 I have been immersed in the kitchen & bath industry, specializing in kitchen design, remodeling and renovation.  I am also a licensed residential builder.  Through my firm, Hampton Kitchens of Raleigh Inc., located in NC, I have provided designs and turn-key kitchens for thousands of large and small projects which have included every budget imaginable.  My kitchens are located literally all over the US and the world.

Since 1991,  I have provided free educational seminars to consumers covering every kitchen-related  topic imaginable.  Instead of continuing those seminars in my showroom, I am doing them here – via this blog.  I will address any kitchen-related subject in which you might have an interest or question.  All you have to do is participate!  As I receive questions and formulate responses,  I will post them accordingly.

I assure you, we will discuss some controversial issues.  I intend to share some of the “secrets” of the kitchen & bath industry with you so that you will become a better informed and educated consumer.  Personally, I think this will help you as well as the kitchen and bath industry professionals with whom you may eventually collaborate on your specific project.

It is my hope that you will find this process entertaining, enlightening, educational and enjoyable enough to participate in and also recommend the experience to others who would also benefit from the process.

So let me hear from you — what do you want to know?   If I don’t hear from you, I’ll choose a question I’ve been asked numerous times in the past and begin the dialogue!

Thank you in advance for participating!


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  1. Good to hear from you.
    The association would have been a better place with you in it.

    With the expo income at all time lows it would have been a very smart move to sell the show with lifetime rights as only sponsor for the 90 -110 million it was valued at in 2004.

    We need acute businessmen and women, not emotional designers to head this assn.

    The future looks better except for the show prospects. We are locked into Vegas on the Easter weekend and that will not turn out well for most family oriented people.

    I am sorry that I will not see you in October.

    Be safe.

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