To See or Not To See?? That Is the Question! (…or.. do I use glass doors in a kitchen?)

Glass doors in kitchen cabinets has been an asked-for feature for decades.  Here in our kitchen showroom in Raleigh, NC we display a number of different styles and types.  I think everyone gets why they love glass doors so much and they, no doubt, create that “designer kitchen” look but we should also think about all the issues to assure the result is as expected.

First…remember the kids’ sippy cups are going to still look like sippy cups behind glass doors!  While this might seem obvious I am amused by clients wanting glass doors in “a cabinet somewhere” and the new or remodeled kitchen can only accommodate a few wall cabinet doors.  We have to be particular in our use of storage and display in order to have a good design.  There may be alternative areas to accomplish the glass doors rather than the main work area.  Consider how one uses or plans to use the new kitchen to determine the best design solution.

Angled corner cabinets are great “single cabinet door” solutions visually but could create a lot of wasted space.  Most of the time we avoid using spin shelves inside these exposed areas and the visual access is only about 9″-12″ back from the door.  That leaves a lot of space for storage that can’t be used because the display area is just the front 1/3 of the cabinet.

Glass doors are best suited to be designed in pairs and in an area that is outside the main work area.  The glass means things are being seen and likely to be more for looks than storage so design the kitchen accordingly.


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