Did I do that??? (Common kitchen design mistakes by DIY or professionals)

After more years in this industry than I care to admit to, one would think I have discovered most, if not all, the areas of caution and where errors occur in kitchen design.  AU CONTRAIRE!!  Just within the past week I found two more, previously unseen in my almost 40 year career!

While there is no way to address any significant number of these areas of concern at once, let’s hit a couple and visit others over time.  Sometimes I have seen these issues in kitchens designed by “professionals” as well so DIY’s take heart!  There’s a good chance I’ve made the same blunder as well!  (As an aside, the difference between a professional and an amateur?…..you don’t see the professional’s mistake!!  We’ve learned how to correct them quickly!)

1- Multi level cabinets and crown moldings; This bites just about everyone first time through.  The basic guideline is that “if it’s taller than the one beside it, it’s gotta be deeper as well”.  This allows for crown molding to be run above the shorter unit and stop into the side of the taller unit and crown to completely run around the taller unit.  The transition between multilevel units all the same depth is not impossible to work around but the solutions make it look like it was not thought out properly.

2- “Too much cabinet”; Because we all want to put as much cabinet and storage into a space as we can, there is a temptation to go to the largest size possible for the space.  While no one wants wasted space, plan for clearance for drawers and doors to open in corners to clear other cabinet hardware, door casings, or appliances.  (Blogger’s Confession- I made this one again recently myself!!)  With the more modern look of full overlay doors there is a lot less tolerance because the doors and drawers cover the entire front.  Newer appliances (and their handles!) are often deeper than previous models.  New houses are often using thicker door and window trim.  Walls are often out of plumb and you may need to scribe a piece to fit the wall contour.

We’ll look at some other issues in a future blog.  For now… remember to “Look ahead….”


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