With this ring, I thee wed … establish a long-term relationship with a 3-ring binder!

For many years, I’ve observed kitchen & bath consumers became totally confused by all the information available in the market and on the web about doing a kitchen or bath project.  I affectionately refer to their condition as, “paralysis by analysis”.  Some of this information is valuable; other information is rubbish.    Here’s my first recommendation to make this process run smoother, regardless of the size and scope of your kitchen or bath project.

Buy a 3 ring binder notebook and outfit it with a number of  tabs and some sheets of lined notebook paper.  You can always add more tabs/paper later as needed.  Include tabs for each product you intend to research for your kitchen or bath (examples:  cabinetry, counter tops, appliances, sinks, back splash, flooring, paint colors, etc.)

Be sure to include a tab for Notes of Conversations.  Frankly, I consider this the most important tab.    Make notes of EVERY phone call and in-person conversation you have with sales people, designers, deliverers  and inspectors.   You may be amazed at how much contradictory information you will gather along the way and not remember who told you what!

This one tab could be a financial and sanity saver as you proceed.  In my 35-plus year career,  I have been asked to mediate a number of homeowner/contractor disputes that could have easily been avoided if each had taken and preserved notes on a routine basis.

Next post:  Organizing the notebook


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